In addition to being a place of meeting and dialogue, the Círculo defines itself as an opinion-making centre. The objective of the Círculo’s opinions is to contribute to improving the quality of public debate and creating the political agenda on the most pressing questions affecting the economic, social and political progress of our country at any given point in time.

The most common way for the Círculo to implement this participation in public opinion forming is through our “Current Opinions”, elaborated by the Board of Directors. They collect the concerns and proposals expressed by members in various meetings and activities sponsored by our organisation. They seek to transcend particular professional and business interests, as well as the varied political sensibilities of our members, in order to reach shared stances on especially complex and crucial questions.

As such, the diverse “Círculo Opinions” are appreciated, by both public opinion and private and public principals, as contributions created from an independent and plural position. They reflect the Círculo’s stance on some of the most relevant problems and challenges in Spanish political, social and economic history, since the mid-20th century.