The Círculo de Economía was created in order to modernize and provide the Spanish society with dynamism, and at present it still seeks those same objectives. This dynamic social function is developed through three types of activities, which configure the Círculo as a:

Meeting point

40 years of life devoted to the promotion of the expression of opinions, the debate and the social dialogue have turned our institution into a prestigious forum. It has hosted outstanding personalities of the world of business, politics, economy and culture. As a spot for freedom and encounter, the Círculo has also been throughout history a significant way of expression and confrontation of new ideas.

This is an essential characteristic of this entity, because, from the very beginning it has been constantly concerned about establishing bonds between persons that might bring about different, innovating points of view for the analysis and solution of collective problems.

An opinion forum

Given the vocation and the mood of its partners, the Círculo de Economía is devoted preferably to the study of economic and social issues from a wide, deep perspective that makes it possible to involve all the agents of the economic and social activity. Therefore, in order to answer such concerns, the Círculo has become an opinion forum.

This activity to form an opinion is not exclusively or essentially oriented towards the problems that may attract the attention of the public opinion at different moments. On the contrary, the Círculo intends to provide a reflection by looking yonder in time and, thus, by orienting the social debate towards future issues.

Throughout this activity, the Círculo de Economía intends to contribute to the creation of opinion conditions that may favor both the solution of current problems and the possibility to anticipate future problems.

A spot to promote collective initiatives

The Círculo has always been characterized by the promotion of initiatives of general interest, and at the same time it has set forth projects in order to promote the political, economic and social progress.

In this sense, the Círculo has kept an active attitude before the decisions made by the different pubic agents and, instead of awaiting for the actuations of such public agents, this active attitude has always made it possible for the Círculo to inform them about the necessary opinions and initiatives issued from the Círculo.

This has been pointed out in outstanding cases such as the writing and the promotion of the ‘European Communities Act 1972’ (‘Documento de los 13’) (about the incorporation of Spain to the E.E.C.), the study carried out back in 1973 concerning the ‘Management or chaos: the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona’, or the promotion of the Association ‘Barcelona, European Financial Centre’, or of the Association for Business Sponsoring (Asociación para el Mecenazgo Empresarial) and the Círculo de Cultura.

In July 1986 the Círculo de Economía Foundation was created in order to complement the tasks of the Círculo, by going deeper into all those cultural, economic and political matters of social interest. Since the academic year 1987/1988 the Foundation promotes the EUS Educational Programme (Business-University-Society), whose objective is to form future professionals through training practices in private companies and public institutions, and since 1996 it has promoted a series of activities concerning Latin America (Latin America Programme)