The Reuniones Círculo de Economía, called Reuniones Costa Brava up until their 17th year, are the Círculo’s most publically relevant activity. They are the oldest meetings of their kind in Spain.

They were held for the first time in 1961, and marked a unique event in the political and economic life of those years. They brought together Círculo members and young academics and high-ranking government experts who would later, once democracy was established, hold important political posts. Since then, the Reuniones have been celebrated regularly and are currently held annually. The overall content and the participants in each Reunion represent an accurate mirror of Spain’s political and social development, and its economic modernisation, as well as the concerns of the Círculo at the time.

Consequently, the earliest meetings show the Círculo’s commitment to modernising the economy and entering the European Economic Community, now known as the European Union. When Spain joined in 1986, the debate content took on more larger questions of European integration and a world economy that has gradually transformed in parallel with the emergence of new phenomena such as globalisation and new technologies.

Circumstances have changed radically since 1961, but the Reuniones Círculo de Economía are still characterised by their convivial atmosphere, the high quality of their guest speakers, and the active participation of the attending members. These features make each Reunión a singular meeting of minds that fosters debate and proposals on the most important contemporary problems and challenges.