From its beginnings, the Círculo de Economía has sought to be an open, dynamic space in which members, with their opinions and recommendations, are the protagonists. With this objective in mind, it has, over the decades, legally established itself as an association, that being the best way to foment the development of dialogue, debate and proposals. At the same time, the governing of the association is a matter for all its members.

The diverse profiles of our members are the best demonstration of the Círculo’s personality. They are people who come from various professional backgrounds, with social, ideological and political sensibilities that are also varied. But they share the goal of making the Círculo a space where debate, dialogue and opinion are put at the service of society’s interests, of the common good, which goes beyond the particular, albeit legitimate, interests of each professional or political collective.

Currently, the Círculo is made up of nearly 1,400 members. The large majority are residents of Barcelona and greater Catalonia, although a significant number reside in Madrid.