In keeping with its founding goals and its historical trajectory, the Círculo de Economía is a civic association that seeks to improve the quality of public debate through the dissemination of independent opinion on the principal challenges that determine economic, social and political progress.

Its 1400 members and 125 sponsoring organisations make Círculo a diverse body that is independent of any sort of private, political and sectorial interests. The range of its member’s professional profiles and political sensibilities means that Círculo represents a wide cross-section of society. This feature endows Círculo with a unique personality and a plural view that is coherent with the complexity of our contemporary society.

The Círculo’s independence from all political and sectorial interests is based on two relevant facts. Firstly is the spirit of free thought and opinion that is deeply rooted in the organisation since its establishment in the mid-20th century, which has been demonstrated in circumstances that have not always been easy. Secondly is the fact that the Círculo is financed entirely by the donations of its members and sponsoring organisations.

Today, the Círculo continues to define its activity in three principal roles.

  • A MEETING PLACE: The Círculo serves to brings people together and as a forum for debate, open to the diverse schools of thought and sensibilities inherent to an open, pluralistic society.
  • A CENTRE OF OPINION: Due to this intense debate, the Círculo has created opinions about the big questions in each given moment, endeavouring to contribute to a shared vision that is distanced from professional or sectorial interests, despite their legitimacy.
  • AN ADVOCATE OF COLLECTIVE INITIATIVES: Throughout its history, the Círculo has led and supported initiatives in various realms, striving to contribute to the creation of an open, diverse society and a dynamic, innovative economy able to offer opportunities for betterment to all citizens, particularly those most in need.